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              Oil-soluble product
              Nipagin methyl
              Nipagin ethyl
              Nipagin propyl
              Nipagin butyl
              Nipagin octyl
              Water-soluble product
              methyl ester sodium Nipagin
              sodium ethyl Nipagin
              sodium propyl Nipagin
              n-butyl sodium Nipagin
              Composite Products
              composite Nipagin sodium (special sauce)
              comp-osite Nipagin sodium (Broad-spectrum type)
              composite Nipagin sodium
              Applies to pastry filling ,Used in carbonated drinks, Used in feed, Used in condiment ,Aplied to fruits and vegetables ,Applies to pickled products !
              And applies to dairy products, enzyme products , meat products ,cosmetics ,leather , pharmaceutical, tobacco ,chemical and other fields.

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