Oil-soluble product
              Nipagin methyl
              Nipagin ethyl
              Nipagin propyl
              Nipagin butyl
              Nipagin octyl
              Water-soluble product
              methyl ester sodium Nipagin
              sodium ethyl Nipagin
              sodium propyl Nipagin
              n-butyl sodium Nipagin
              Composite Products
              composite Nipagin sodium (special sauce)
              comp-osite Nipagin sodium (Broad-spectrum type)
              composite Nipagin sodium

                Wuxi Lushi Group's subsidiaries, is a domestic science, industry and trade as a whole, professional study of the production of p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester, sodium salt series products (trade names: Nipagin esters, Nipagin sodium salt) as the main body of the new generation of preservatives in high-tech enterprises. Products currently has three categories (oil-soluble type, water-soluble type, composite type), such as more than a dozen items. Their technical
              equipment, production scale, production and sales, the economic benefits the industry forefront of similar products. Over the years, Lu Group invest a lot of money, the United Nations, a well-known industry experts on the subject of food preservation were made by repeated tests, at full experimental research based on many occasions succeeded in developing a licensing Lu Nipagin ester series preservatives, Products After the market by the vast numbers of users. At present, the company has a number of outstanding research, development and application of technical personnel and skilled good business managers; with National Qualification Certificate issued by the industry; and through ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification. Product quality accords with the United States, "Food Chemicals Codex" USP24-NF24, the British Pharmacopoeia (2000 edition) BP2000, Japan's "food additives Public book" (seventh edition) and GB8850/GB8851 Chinese national standards. Wuxi Lushi Food Additive Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful scenic Taihu Lake, Huiquan foothills, south Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Shanghai-Nanjing railway line, the West in accordance with appropriate high-speed tin, the East has Wuxi airport, transportation links, is very convenient. The Company wholeheartedly look forward to working with domestic and foreign manufacturers to establish a wide range of economic and technical cooperation and business contacts to create a better future!

              Remarks from chairman of group

              Thanks the times giving us a good opportunity for mutual learning and we can cooperate with anyone who are excellent and responsible shoulder by shoulder for a shared honor with a same mind, morality and force. We build up the ideology with our integrity, harmoniousness and responsibility to go forward by our mutual respect and trust hand in hand. We would like to devote ourselves into the great undertakings on this trip.


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